Vegan: Expectation vs. Reality

Vegan: Expectation vs. Reality

Many people have been going vegan & plant-based for several years, there are some who have just begun and are new to the plant-based lifestyle and there are also some who are thinking to go vegan. Vegan communities are getting bigger. We all have expectations of what it is like when you go plant-based but they might not match up with the reality.

But what are the realities of being vegan?

1. Weight Loss

Weight loss guaranteed a lot of people become vegan because they want to lose weight, but they don't realize that you can still eat a ton of junk food when you're vegan you can eat fast food vegan places you can eat Oreos you eat potato chips you can eat packaged foods and not lose a single pound you might even gain weight so if you're serious about losing weight and you want to be vegan make sure you eat a whole food plant-based vegan diet meaning you're having as many unrefined foods as possible vegetables and fruits and whole grains and legumes all of those things and keep the vegan junk food to a minimum. People might not realize that they have been eating variants of junk foods almost everyday, a habit that can make one gain weight unnoticeably. One good thing is that some of these individuals have chosen to go vegan. Now they have healthier options, healthier intakes and will be more conscious of their weight.

2. You should learn how to cook

Cooking vegan or plant-based food is not that different from cooking any other type of food. You can still fry, saute, boil, grill, thawed, or roast. it's pretty much the same thing. You can even swap either into plant-based meats, soy protein meats or TVP or you can totally skip all these alternatives and just go for the vegetables, whole grains and legumes. Chances are even if you were not vegan before and if you know how to cook and season your food, you can prepare dishes using fresh vegetables like mushrooms, beans and many more. You can just use them or you can use them on mushrooms, vegetables, beans, or anything if you can cook.

3. Vegan = No Health Issues?

All your health issues are gonna go away when you become vegan. We know that there are many testimonials about changing to a vegan diet helps with people's health issues, digestive issues and they pretty much went away almost 100% but you can still get problems when you are stressed out when you are not eating well and you don't prioritize your health and well-being, So just because you're consuming a vegan diet doesn't mean that you're gonna be immune to anything stress, health issues or environmental factors it'll still impact on how you feel so it's super important to be mindful of all that eliminate toxins from your life eliminate stress as much as possible change your life sound so that you can live in a way that best suits you and so that you can feel your very best.

4. Vegan should shop at fancy stores

You're gonna have to start shopping at the fancy stores? Many vegans love going to the fancy grocery stores and the health food stores but you don't need to buy all the healthy food and the superfoods you can buy fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes and spices.

5. Being Vegan is Expensive

In this day and age, many people are pretty cheap when it comes to grocery shopping, many go to different stores for different things to get the best price you can go to a market to get the freshest fruits and vegetables at the best price also, make sure to buy some products or items in bulk because they're the cheapest, but at the same time you can also just shop at your normal store and get your basic vegan things for like rice, beans, lentils, sweet potatoes, potatoes, collard, green cabbage they're all really cheap and very accessible.

6. People are gonna give you a hard time

It's true at first your family your friends might give you a hard time they might not understand why you went vegan and you know to be offended that you're not eating with them anymore you're not eating their foods but as long as you're not arguing a lot with them and trying to get them to change their habits as long as you're just being you thriving healthy and probably one of the most important things make sure that you are sharing your delicious food with them eventually they are going to come along also, people now are so much more open-minded about being vegan unlike in the past years, you would say you're a vegan and people would get upset and want to argue with you about your decisions. It's so much more positive now so don't be afraid that you're gonna be ostracized because you've chosen to become vegan most likely you're gonna inspire the people around you to do the same thing.

7. No More Favorite Foods

You're gonna have to give up all your favorite foods? Of course no! It is so not true. You couldn't eat anything at your family gathering because you're a vegan and don't feel discouraged but instead, you can veganized all your favorite foods and you'll know that it is not that hard and many stores now offer plant-based products meat-counter part of your all-time favorite meals. The Good Choices Ph has already done it for you. The Good Choices Ph offers plant-based frozen food products that can be delivered right to your doorstep. Check out their blog for amazing vegan recipes, so don't feel like you've got to give up your favorite foods just because you're vegan, even you, you can make your recipe, so don't worry.

8. Vegans are Superiors

No. Vegans are no different from other people. Vegans don't have any more discipline they're not like some supertype of a person instead they just simply don't see animal products as a food it's as simple as that, vegan still struggle or still flawed, they're still human so this one is really important because people should understand that you don't have to be some sort of special person, you don't have to be any stronger you don't have to have it all together to become vegan being vegan is normal. Being vegan is not about who is the most disciplined. Vegans just don't see animals as food, so they make different decisions with what they eat. It's as simple as that now you are not a special person just because you're vegan but being vegan does make a very big difference for animals and the environment.


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