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Make plant-based specialty food accessible, appealing, and convenient.

It was 2016, and our founder Camille Acosta was going around a grocery store looking for breakfast for her family. They are all vegetarian. Camille spent the next hour searching for easy to prepare plant-based food her husband and toddlers will like. There was none. Camille came up with the idea of making ready-to-cook, plant-based food perfect for people like her struggling to make better food choices. She made her first batch of Tapa, Tocino, and Logganisa in her home kitchen with 3,000 pesos she borrowed from her husband and The Good Choices was born. The original plan was to make plant-based specialty food accessible, appealing, and convenient for those with diet preferences and restrictions due to faith, belief, or circumstance. It has since evolved to making the food and distributing it to as many people as possible. “Plant-based food is paramount to a healthier, more sustainable, conscious world.”

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